Prince William & Kate Middleton’s true relationship with Archie and Lilibet

“Blood is thicker than water,” they say, yet even families as renowned as the British royals can fracture. The rift between Prince William and Prince Harry affects not just them, but their children too, who rarely see each other.

Once close, the brothers now find reconciliation elusive. The Sussexes’ departure from royal duties, dubbed “Megxit,” marked a significant decline in relations. Insiders reveal Harry and Meghan planned their exit shortly after their wedding. They sought privacy, especially after their son Archie’s birth in 2019, wishing to avoid becoming media spectacles.

Following Queen Elizabeth’s death, Harry and Meghan granted their children royal titles, yet the family remains distanced. Archie and Lilibet seldom see their grandfather, King Charles, who is reportedly heartbroken by the separation. Royal analyst Tom Quinn mentioned that the king is contemplating changes to bridge the gap.

William and Kate urged Harry and Meghan to bring their children to the UK, aiming for reconciliation. However, Meghan fears for her children’s safety, complicating the prospect of a family reunion. The Prince and Princess of Wales have minimal contact with Archie and Lilibet, indicating deep-seated tensions.

This estrangement affects the entire family, leaving cousins like George, Charlotte, and Louis without a relationship with Archie and Lilibet. The ongoing feud continues to widen the family divide across generations.

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