Beloved ‘Starsky and Hutch’ Star and Singer Passes Away at 80

Renowned actor David⁤ Soul gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Detective Ken ‘Hutch’‍ Hutchinson on the popular 1970s TV series “Starsky‌ and Hutch.” ​However, his acting career extended far beyond this iconic​ role, with numerous credits to his ‌name including movies like “Magnum Force” and “Jerry‍ Springer: The Opera,”⁢ and TV shows such as “Murder,​ She Wrote” and “Unsub.” In 2004, he reprised his role as Hutch in the movie “Starsky &​ Hutch.”

On January 5, 2024, Soul’s wife, Helen Snell, ⁣released a ⁢statement confirming his passing. She lovingly described ⁤him​ as a “beloved husband, ⁤father, grandfather,⁢ and brother” who ⁣passed away on January 4 after ‍a⁤ courageous⁤ battle with illness, surrounded by his family. Snell also​ praised her late husband for ‍his many talents, including his skills as an ⁣actor, singer, storyteller, and creative artist, and expressed that ⁢his infectious smile, laughter, and zest for life will be cherished by all those whose lives he touched.

Soul’s acting career began at the age‌ of 24 ⁢when he joined a musical ‍revue​ in North Dakota and‌ was discovered by a talent scout. He then signed a studio contract and embarked on his journey in Hollywood. To relive some of his ‍most memorable moments as Hutch, check out the video below.

Throughout his ⁤life, Soul was married five​ times, with his first four marriages ending in divorce. His first marriage was to Mim‌ Solberg from 1963 to 1966, and they had one child together. ‍He then ​married Karen Carlson from ​1968 to 1975, with whom he ⁣also had ⁣one child. His third ⁢marriage⁣ was to Patricia ​Anne⁣ Carnel from 1980 to 1986,⁣ and⁣ they⁣ had two children together. His ​fourth marriage was to Julia Nickson from ⁤1997 to 1993,‌ and they had one child together.

Soul’s fifth and final marriage‍ was to Snell, whom‌ he married in ‍2010 and remained with until his passing. They did not have any children together. At the time⁢ of his death, Soul was 80‌ years old, and Snell did not disclose the ‌cause of his ⁣passing in her statement. However, according to The Washington Post, he had been battling both‍ lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in recent years. He is survived by Snell and his children.

To learn more about Soul’s remarkable life, career, and recent passing, ​watch the video below.

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