‘Dancing With The Stars’ Val Hospitalized

Professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy has been dancing on “Dancing with the Stars” since 2011. While his fans know him for his dancing, he hid a secret from them for the past year. Now, he’s opening up about a serious medical condition that sent him to the hospital.

On Instagram, Chmerkovskiy posted multiple pictures including x-rays of his neck and a picture of himself in a hospital bed. He simply captioned the post, “This time last year I went through some stuff.”

The pictures shocked his fans and left many wondering how they didn’t know what he’d been through sooner. One comment reads, “Wait! Did we know this?? So glad you’re here with us!”

Another follower wrote, “Wow had no idea! I’m happy for you that it worked and you can continue dancing! I have had massive back surgery, so I feel your pain!!”

Chmerkovskiy has not shared any details about what happened or why he appears to have needed neck surgery, but some of his fans are guessing. One comment reads, “ACDF surgery? Spinal surgery has come a long way these days. Happy you’re a year post op and back doing what you love as quick as you did! Hope this new chapter is pain free for you!”

Another fan wrote, “I’m sorry you had to go through that, but can I ask Was that a ACDF??? That may be a possible surgery for me, and I am extremely scared to go through with. It just would like to know more about it.”

While the details about Chmerkovskiy’s surgery have yet to be clarified by Chmerkovskiy, it’s clear that he has made a full recovery. In 2023, he won season 32 of “Dancing with the Stars” with his partner Xochitl Gomez.

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