Legendary 1970s Rock Star’s Legacy Lives On: Remembering the Icon Who Rocked the Decade

Renowned ⁣musician⁣ Eric Carmen, who rose to fame as the frontman of the band The Raspberries ⁣before embarking on a successful solo career, has passed away at the age of 74. His wife, Amy Carmen, shared the heartbreaking news on his‍ website, stating that he passed away in his sleep over the weekend.

While the⁤ cause and exact date of his death⁢ were not disclosed, Amy expressed that Eric found great joy in knowing that his ‌music had⁣ touched the lives of many and would be his lasting legacy. ⁣She also requested privacy ‍for their family during this⁢ difficult time.

According to ‍a report⁤ by⁢ The New York Post, four of Eric’s songs made it ​onto the Billboard Hot⁤ 100 chart.​ The first⁣ hit was “Go All⁢ the Way,” which he performed⁤ as a‌ member of⁢ The Raspberries. Despite being banned by the BBC for its suggestive lyrics, the ​song reached number ⁢5 in 1972.

Eric’s solo ‌career also saw great success, ‍with ⁣”All By Myself” reaching number 2 on​ the Billboard Hot 100 in the 1970s. In the 1980s, he had two more hits, “Hungry Eyes” ⁤and ⁤”Make Me Lose Control,” which reached number 4 and the⁢ top ​5, respectively.

Despite ⁣going solo, Eric reunited‌ with The Raspberries on a couple of occasions. In 2004, he ‌performed with the band​ at Cleveland’s House of Blues, ‍and the following year, they embarked on a⁢ mini tour. Their last performance together was‌ in 2007 at Cleveland’s KeyBank ⁤State Theatre.

Upon‍ hearing the news of Eric’s passing, Paul Stanley from the band Kiss ⁤took to ‍Twitter to express his ⁣condolences. He ​described Eric as a true rocker‍ at heart, with a voice that had elements of ⁣Paul McCartney and Steve ​Marriott. He ‌also⁣ praised The Raspberries as a killer live band and⁤ expressed his love for ​their records.

According to The⁤ Independent, Eric​ was married three times, with Amy being his third ⁢wife. They tied the knot eight years ago and he is survived by Amy and two ⁢adult children​ from his second marriage. Eric’s legacy will live on through his timeless ‌music, which has touched the⁢ hearts of many.

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