“Remembering Jayden ‘Jayo’ Archer: A Motocross Star and X Games Medalist”

Jayden “Jayo” Archer, a renowned motocross star and X Games medalist, tragically passed away at the age of 27 while practicing a triple backflip in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. The news of his untimely demise on the morning of February 21, 2024, has left the motocross world stunned and grieving the loss of one of its brightest talents.

Nitro Circus, the action sports collective to which Archer belonged, confirmed his death on Instagram. In a heartfelt statement, they described Jayo as a symbol of passion, hard work, and determination, highlighting his groundbreaking contributions to dirt biking and his positive influence on those around him.

Archer’s journey with Nitro Circus began as an assistant mechanic before he transitioned to performing in shows in 2012. His dedication and skill were evident when he became one of only three riders to successfully execute the triple backflip in November 2022 at the Nitro World Games.

In an interview after achieving this milestone, Archer expressed his profound dedication, stating, “I cannot describe this feeling. This is so much more than a competition and a trick to me. I’ve dedicated my whole life for the last three years doing this.” His journey was marked by numerous challenges, including injuries, but he remained steadfast in his pursuit of excellence.

Archer’s achievements extended beyond the track, as he proposed to his girlfriend, Beth King, immediately after his historic triple backflip. The couple was set to marry later in the year, adding a personal touch to his triumphs.


Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus co-founder, reflected on Jayo’s impact, noting his desire to perform challenging tricks despite limited opportunities to showcase them. Pastrana praised Jayo as a great human being first, a hard worker second, and a true pioneer in motocross.

Archer’s legacy includes winning the bronze medal in the MTX Best Trick category at the 2023 X Games California and a sixth-place finish in the same category at the 2021 X Games. His final performance was a triple backflip during a Nitro Circus Live Show in Jay, Oklahoma, in June 2023.

The motocross community is mourning the loss of Jayden Archer, but his groundbreaking achievements and indomitable spirit will be remembered for years to come. His legacy serves as an inspiration to aspiring riders and a testament to the impact one person can have on an entire sport.

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